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Abuse in prisons; Chicago mayor wants to expand civil asset seizure to accused gang members; Black women pick up guns; abused by her husband, a judge took away her kids.


Lawsuit filed in police dog mauling case in California after an officer sent his dog after a woman accused of shoplifting. The suit alleges the officer permitted the dog “to bite and gnaw on Ms. Bates’ scalp and skull for an extended period of time, despite Ms. Bates’ frantic pleas for him to call the dog off.” The Davis Vanguard (Feb. 17, 2022)


Florida prison guards kicked, punched, spat and yelled the n-word at a helpless inmate. All three guards received prison time for the beating that left the inmate with a deformed face, bleeding from the ears, and a left eye “grossly swollen shut.” Miami Herald (Mar. 4, 2022)


expanding power for law enforcement

Chicago Mayor Wants to expand Civil Asset Forfeiture to “Gang Activity” allowing police to seize assets of accused gang members. Filter (Mar. 1, 2022)

addressing bias

A judge may not call it racism, but Colorado attorneys say “implicit bias” is getting people kicked off juries, a new bill is set to address this issue in Colorado. Colorado Sun (Mar. 2, 2022)


“Transgender Texas kids are terrified after governor orders that parents be investigated for child abuse: Some experts doubt that classifying gender-affirming care as child abuse would hold up in court, but families still feel targeted by Gov. Greg Abbott’s new order.” Texas Tribune (Feb. 28, 2022)

a new defense

Black women are arming themselves for self defense — and pushing against stereotypes of who owns firearms. The Trace (Feb. 28, 2022)

shock waves

‘So Much Hatred’: Jury Foreman Shaken by Evidence in Arbery Trial: with so much evidence of racism, said Marcus Ransom, the only Black man on the jury, it was not difficult to find Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers guilty of hate crimes. The New York Times (Mar. 1, 2022)


Man who killed his three children and the person watching them was under a restraining order from his girlfriend who said he was ‘dangerous.’ Los Angeles Times (Mar. 1, 2022)

no word

‘After a bold campaign promise, the president has remained almost silent as thousands languish in solitary in federal prisons. Advocates say they remain hopeful that he will find his voice on the issue. The Appeal (Feb. 28, 2022)


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