"At least two of the teens in the facility harmed themselves so badly that they required medical attention. Some destroyed beds and shattered light fixtures, using the metal shards to hack holes in the cinder block walls large enough for them to escape."



kids held in secret prison in Louisiana, hacked holes in concrete walls to escape; 16-y-o drill rapper will be tried as juvenile after shooting police officer

about damn time

The senate quietly passed an antilynching bill, The Emmett Till Antilynching Act. It makes lynching a federal hate crime and comes after more than a century of similar legislation failing to pass. The Washington Post (Mar. 7, 2022)

killings continue

Three men were killed in Alabama’s Donaldson prison in ten days, causes of death included asphyxiation and blunt force trauma to the head. One was killed in a segregation unit which is supposedly the most secure unit in a prison. EJI (Mar. 3, 2022)

united front

The supreme court actually joined hands across the political aisle to deliver a bipartisan ruling it unconstitutional that a man was charged for multiple burglaries since he broke into multiple storage units at one time. He was charged as a career criminal and sentenced to about 14 years longer than the recommended sentence. The New York Times (Mar. 7, 2022)

denied release, left to die

As previously reported by Kaiser Health News, thousands of federal inmates have appealed for release and been denied effectively turning hundreds of prisoners sentences into death sentences as the pandemic raged behind bars. NPR (Mar. 7, 2022)


"A Bronx judge ruled drill rapper C Blu should be tried as a juvenile Tuesday on charges of shooting a police officer — after slamming his arresting officer for 'incredible and unreliable' testimony that 'had no value.' " NY Daily News (Mar. 8, 2022)

slow moving

DC jail finally had to answer some questions, but the DOC’s director said he implemented specific plans to address concerns but refused to give details. Washington Post (Mar. 3, 2022)


"State lawmakers on a special committee investigating allegations of a coverup in the 2019 death of a Black motorist in State Police custody want to know more about trooper cellphones that were 'sanitized' or wiped clean of data and more recent text messages sent to Gov. John Bel Edwards." Louisiana Illuminator (Mar. 9, 2022)

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profit from prison

The pandemic brought tablets to roughly 50,000 incarcerated people in New York. But the price tag meant JPay projected a net profit of about $8.8 million by August 2022. The Appeal (Mar. 9, 2022)

the consequences of distrust

A new study from New York State’s Correctional Association reveals the lack of success in getting incarcerated people to take the vaccine has a lot to do with general distrust of the prison system.  Prison Policy Initiative (Mar. 9, 2022)

must read: the kids are not alright

"Scrambling to respond to a wave of violence and escapes from other juvenile facilities, state officials quietly opened the high-security lockup last summer to regain control of the most troubled teens in their care. Instead, they created a powder keg, according to dozens of interviews, photos, video footage, hundreds of pages of incident reports, emergency response logs, emails and education records." The Marshall Project (Mar. 10, 2022)


DC homicides on track with last years record high and robberies have almost doubled


Baltimore police punishments raises eyebrows; mental health faces reform in VA; D.C.’s homicide rate at 20-year high

The Department of Forensic Sciences in D.C. struggles with reform due to internal conflicts, raising concerns about the city’s criminal legal system. Former Baltimore police sergeant’s lenient sentence for misconduct stirs concerns about policing reform. Virginia State Senator dedicates career to mental health reform in the wake of personal tragedy. Former College Park Mayor is sentenced for child pornography. D.C. witnesses a two-decade high in homicides. Reports spread about crash-and-grab incidents, and imprisoned students in Maryland reflect on the power of education.

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Ex-cop in Baltimore is sentenced for misconduct in false arrests; D.C. mayor focuses on youth violence

D.C. tackles opioid crisis and youth violence with public emergency declaration. Retired Baltimore cop receives home detention for misconduct. Logan Circle small businesses doubt crime bill’s effectiveness. DAT’s questionable traffic stops spark concerns. Juvenile detention center faces crisis with rising incidents. Inmate mastermind’s escape attempt foiled.

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