"But Jesse soon discovered a very different reality. Like other individuals committed in Massachusetts, he was immediately slapped with handcuffs and shackles for transport to the treatment center, though he had volunteered to enter commitment and hadn’t been charged with a crime."

Jordan Michael Smith for The Marshall Project: A Drug War Activist Turned to Civil Commitment for Help — and Found a Civil Liberties Nightmare Tweet



biden’s promises to prisons guards fall empty; a Scottish court refused to extradite a Scottish man to USA citing criminal level inhumane conditions in a Texas prison

a new way to freedom

The first person in Illinois to have his prison sentence reconsidered "was released in part with new powers granted to prosecutors under SB2129 — an amendment to the state’s criminal code that Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law last summer. It allows prosecutors to ask judges to revise sentences when “the original sentence no longer advances the interests of justice.” Injustice Watch (Mar. 22, 2022)

not to be forgotten

"DC’s Lorton Reformatory complex closed in 2001 and is now an upscale housing and shopping development as well as an arts center and a museum of suffrage. Karim Mowatt doesn’t want its history as a notorious lockup to be forgotten, though, and his new documentary, Lorton: Prison of Terror, uses firsthand accounts of life inside to illustrate its long and often dark history." Washingtonian (Mar. 7, 2022)

empty promises abound


A Scottish courts refusal to send a Scottish man accused of shooting someone in Texas back to America was decided by the judge because poor conditions in Texas prisons might constitute an international human rights violation. The Marshall Project (Mar. 8, 2022)

historic confirmation hearing and predictable racism

tktk. Washington Post (Mar. 3, 2022)


"State lawmakers on a special committee investigating allegations of a coverup in the 2019 death of a Black motorist in State Police custody want to know more about trooper cellphones that were 'sanitized' or wiped clean of data and more recent text messages sent to Gov. John Bel Edwards." The Economist (Mar. 9, 2022)

free to vote but never told they could

A bill passed in Colorado expanded voting rights to people serving parole. Three years later, the state has yet to update the information provided, and an analysis by shows no more than about 27% of people who have been on parole since 2019 have registered to vote since the law was enacted. The Marshall Project (Mar. 3, 2022)

teaching the cops witching

A school for crime scene investigators teaches witching to find bodies. It is a prime example of how many mainstream forensic techniques have proved to be unreliable, The Marshall Project (Mar. 17, 2022)

protest organizers could be charged for whatever happens if new ruling stands

Organizers of protest took a huge blow when a judge ruled an organizer can be sued by an officer who was injured during a protest in 2016 despite the organizer not being the one who injured him. If it stands organizers could be held responsible for any crimes that result from a protest. WAFB (Mar. 25, 2022)

must read:

"Throughout the United States, people with diagnosed mental illnesses have long been voluntarily and involuntarily committed to treatment centers and hospitals. More recently, civil commitment has been used to treat people with addictions. Yet experts say that even if commitment can prevent self-harm in the short term, it rarely addresses the root causes of substance misuse — and its long-term consequences can be devastating." The Intercept (Mar. 23, 2022)



U.S. DOJ failed to count 1,000 deaths in prisons; new evidence leads to release of Serial’s Adnan Syed; Texas judge imprisoning children at high rates

Kansas City PD accused of racist hiring practices; clients of public defenders face increased likelihood of jail time; U.S. DOJ failed to count 1,000 deaths in prisons; federal judges in Georgia unlikely to grant compassionate release; new evidence leads to release of Serial’s Adnan Syed; Texas judge imprisoning children at high rates

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