Loza Mamo

Research & Reporting Intern

Loza started working as an intern in Research and Reporting remotely at The

Des in March 2022. She is currently located in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile,

she   works  at   RBA Journals as a Digital Business Developer, she will be

graduating  at  the  end  of  June with a  Master’s of Cognitive Systems and

Interactive Media  From Pompeu Fabra University. Before  joining  RBA. She

has been working as a Robotics Teacher at Ignite Serious Play STEAM



She graduated from University in 2017 with a Computer science degree and

The Des is the start of her Researching work where she can practically

implement her study related to her Master’s degree. She has been working

with data analysis, teaching robotics and Gaming programming, Digital

development and IT for two years. Her interest in Researching started when

she started studying for her Master’s in CSIM. She is looking forward to

expanding her knowledge of data collecting,  analysis, researching, and reporting at The Des