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People can face felony murder charges for people they didn't kill in 14 states

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more police planned for NYC subways after mass shooting, critics say they are already over policed to no increase in safety; video released of Patrick Lyoya shooting; no criminal justice reform legislation on the horizon for Biden administration


“In Fresno, the city allocated more than double of its Cares money to police than it did to Covid testing, contact tracing, small business grants,

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Fighting for a second chance

When Dontrell Britton returned from federal prison to his mother’s DC apartment in 2017, he didn’t have tens of thousands of Instagram followers or over 400 thousand TikTok followers on his team like he does now.


These Colors Don’t Run (At Least Not Fast Enough)

In the devastating aftermath of the mass killing at a Texas elementary school this week, questions swirl around the police response, or lack there of, while an 18-year-old slaughtered children, we turn to Posse Comitatus.

More Voices of Justice To Come