Zoe Kim - research & reporting intern

Zoe Kim attends Villanova University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minors in Economics and Philosophy. Passionate in criminal justice, Zoe was drawn to The Des and independent journalism serving as a call to action. After her sophomore year, criminal justice became a passion for Zoe when she began researching the effects of convictions for children and their families for a class. Since then, she has become the President of Villanova’s Women’s Law Caucus and Vice President of Villanova’s Chapter of the Philadelphia Justice Project. Both have given her a greater appreciation of legislation and public policy. Zoe is writing for her school’s newspaper when she is not in these roles. As an opinion writer, she has broadened her love of storytelling and media. Her favorite article to date discusses the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.


The Des gives Zoe the opportunity to pursue her interest in media and criminal justice. As an intern, she is enthusiastic to see first-hand how journalism can spark change socially.

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