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People can face felony murder charges for people they didn't kill in 14 states

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she was raped in jail, now she’s fighting for other women still at risk of sexual assault in prison; Biden grants 3 pardons; MI prisons face 800+ staff shortage; LA Sheriff accused of covering up a deputy kneeling on inmates neck


Federal cannabis legalization falls deeper into the weeds; SC court stops execution of man by firing squad; MS prisons found to have horrible living conditions by DOJ; flakka takes over AL prisons causing deaths

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New report debunks 2020 youth crime wave

politicians and pundits are peddling youth gone wild but a new report says the most recent data doesn’t support their claims and harsher sentences won’t stop crime


The number of women behind bars continues to rise in U.S.

Just because prison overpopulation is usually discussed in regards to males, America also has a glaring problem of over incarcerating mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and grandmas. There are currently 108,000 women in prison in the United States — accounting for nearly 30% of the world’s incarcerated females.

More Voices of Justice To Come